End Ivory Sales

Here is a clip with some great insight into the ivory trade. If anyone is familiar with The Daily Show, you will know how well Jon Stewart’s sense of humor can hit home on sensitive topics. This video is informative and shows us just how ridiculously easy it is to save these animals. Stop buying! If Americans stopped spending money on their ivory “trinkets,” poachers would be out of business and they would no longer have an incentive to continue killing elephants.

Make a change. It’s not that hard.



A March to Remember

Everyday hundreds of elephants are massacred for their ivory, and rhinos for their horns. Despite their status on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List of Threatened Species, their number continue to diminish at alarming rates. This is primarily due to the high demands for ivory in the US and countries like China whom have the largest ivory factory in the world. Although poaching of elephants and rhinos is illegal in all parts of the world, it does little to stump poacher efforts from going after these docile mammals for their ivory tusks. Demand for ivory made trinkets and products are what keep these practices in business.

On October 4, I along with my husbands and daughter, participated in a march to raise awareness on elephant ivory and the trade business. March For Elephants was held in San Francisco’s China Town and was packed with hundreds of individuals who are urging Governor Brown to put an end to ivory sales in California. IMG_0066 IMG_0078 IMG_0073 IMG_0081 Me   IMG_0084 IMG_0065IMG_0064 My daughter wanted to help and hold her own sign.


There were so many supporters and many creative ideas to raise awareness to the China Town community. I was so proud to be a part of this experience and will continue to do all I can to get involved. For more information and to participate in next year’s march, visit http://www.march4elephantsandrhinos.org

Letter to a friend

Dear Mickey,
Today you are eighteen. Eighteen years you have breathed life in this world. Except, not really. You see, you left us three weeks ago. You got sick, and weak. Then you took your last breath in my arms. It happened so fast. We were heartbroken. We never imagined you would be gone. We did not plan for this. Nor did we want to. Maybe we should have. This is what makes it so terrible. Our refusal to believe that you would be much happier in heaven.
We cannot remember life before you. I was so young. So were you. That is what makes your life so special. We grew up together. You were my brother. I don’t care what anyone else says. Together we learned about life and love and happiness.
You were there through it all. Through the difficult, he tragedies, and the teenage years.
We celebrated many birthdays together. And Christmases. You were old. Eighteen is a long time. You slept a lot. You ate a lot. You could not see or hear, but you knew us. You knew who we were. You loved us. You refused to leave our side. Holding on for as long as possible. Until God told you it was time to go. Until your soul was ready leave that fragile little body.
This is whom I choose to remember. Not the blind, deaf, old Mickey, but the joyous spunky Mickey who loved his girls unconditionally. The one who loved children and going on walks and mom’s spaghetti. The one who loved pizza, and grass, and kept us safe at night. The one who stayed by our side because he knew we needed him more than he needed us. The one that now has wings.
Your family


                                                                                 Happy Birthday Mickey

Jet lag and then some

I have admittedly been MIA longer than I anticipated after my trip. Returning from the Caribbean, my sister and I found ourselves lazy and doing absolutely nothing. We called it jet lag. I soon jumped back into working and started school the following week (yes, I’m finally a FULL time student). After acquiring a cold, later passed on to my 21 month old, while trying to enjoy my sisters last few days in the Bay Area, things have been a bit..hectic.
Here is a sneak peak of some of the beauty we experienced in St. Lucia